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Satara (District) > Maharashtra (State) > India (Country)
Distance   Pune to Mahabaleshwar  distance : 125
Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar  distance : 262 (via Pune)
Bangalore to Mahabaleshwar  distance : 785

TypeHill station Best time to visit MahabaleshwarOctober to May Worst time to visit Mahabaleshwar

June to September  

Mahabaleshwar Points of InterestMahabaleshwar Temple, Panch Ganga Temple, Pratapgarh Fort, Elephant’s Head Point, Arthur’s Seat, Lingmala Waterfall, , Venna Lake, Wilson Point (Sunrise Point), lodwick Point
Time required to visit2 daysMahabaleshwar weatherAverage high: 24 degree, Average Low :15 degreeThings to doBoating, Horse riding,long walk,  Visit water falls (in Monsoon), Watch Sunrise and Sunset (in Summer) StayMore than 200 Hotels with cost range from Rs 600 to Rs 50,000


Location : 
Mahabaleswara is a hill station which comes under western ghats. This is located in Maharashtra state. People over here depend on tourism. Apart from tourism, people over here depend on strawberry forming. Its one of the weekend gateways for Mumbai and Pune people. 
How To Reach :
By road is best option to reach Mahabaleswar 
From Mumbai to Mahabaleswar : 
By Bus:  There are plenty of buses runs from Mumbai. click here to heck price and timings from Mumbai . Buses will take 7 to 9 hours to reach. Preferably overnight journey is  better option. 
By taxi/own vehicle : taxis will take 5 – 6 hours to reach. Taxi/own vehicle will be more convenient to reach and do sight seeing
From Pune to Mahabaleswar : 
Bus :There are few buses play from Pune. Bus will take 3-4 hours reach.
By taxi/own vehicle : taxis will take 3 hours to reach. Taxi/own vehicle will be more convenient to reach and do sight seeing
From Bangalore to Mahabaleswar : Very few buses are there from Bangalore to Mahabaleswar. Click here for bus timings and fair from Bangalore. generally buses will take 16 hours to reach.
Best time to visit Mahabaleshwar : 
October to May is best time to visit Mahabaleswar. 
October, November,December,January,Feb : Preferably best time to Visit. Best suited for honeymoon couples. 10 to 25 degrees temperature gives you perfect feel of hill station. If you love to see complete “Green Mahabalaswar” then you should visit just after rainy season i.e in October. If you love to have clear vally view then post November might be perfect.
March,April,May: Summer with temperature 18 – 28 degrees gives you ideal place to beat high temperature from cities like Pune and Mumbai. In this season you can expect lot of crowd over here. If you are planning then make sure your are bookings done in advance.
Mahabaleshwar in rainy season Ie June,July,Aug,September: Heavy rain falls with completely covered fog you can find in this months. If you love wetting in rain, Love to drive in completely covered fog, love to see waterfalls very where then you can visit in June, july,August and September month.  Note that most of the view points will be closed in rainy season.You may get good deals in Hotels. 
Mahabaleshwar Points of Interest :
Mahabaleswar Points of interest can be classified into 4 regions:
1) Mahabaleshwar
2) Pratapgarh fort
3) Pancagani
4) Tapola

1) Mahabaleshwar :
In Mahabaleshwar region consists of temples, view points, Venna lake and Lingmala waterfalls. Panchaganga temple and Shiva temple are must visit places in Mahabaleswar.
Panchaganga Temple : It is birth place of five rivers Krishna, Venna, Savitri, Koyna and Gayatri. Water from all five revers converges and flows through through a Gomukh. There are two square shaped water pools. First one named as Brahmakund (Water tank in the name of Lord Brahma) and then water flows to Vishnuteerth (the tank of Lord Vishnu).
Lord Shiva Temple : The shivling is in the shape of a rudraksh.

View points – !  (Just before old Mahabaleswar, Left deviation): Bombay point(Sunset point), Lodwick Point, Elephant’s Head
View points – !I  (Old Mahabaleswar ) : consist of many view points, Elphinstone Point (Upper and Lower),Marjori Point, Savitri Point,Castle Rock Point, Arthur Seat point(Queen of the points), Tiger point etc
Veiw points – III (On Mahabaleswar to Panchagani road) : kates point, Echo point and Needle hole point.
View points – IV ( others ) : Wilson point (Sun rise point)
Venna Lake : Venna lake is one of the must see point in Mahabalaeswar, It is 2KMS from Mahabaleswar market and bus stand. You can enjoy boat riding and next to lake you can find horse riding. 
Lingmala Waterfall : One of the major attraction “Lingmala Waterfall” you can find on  Panchgani – Mahabaleshwar  Road (6Kms from Mahabaleswar).Water falls best time to visit will be July to December.
2 ) Pratapgad /Pratapgarh Fort : It is one of the must visit place in Mahabaleswar. it is 24 KMS from mahabaleswar town

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