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Kudremukh Trek

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information in brief
Location                                                                      Kudremukh > Chikmagalur(District) > Karnataka (State) > India (Country)
Distance from Bangalore 332 Kms
Trek starting pointMullodi  6 kms uphill from Balegal(Balegallu), on Kalasa to Kuduremukh Road
Trek difficulty LevelModerate
Kudremukh trek distance9 Kms (One side)
Kudremukh peak height1892 mts
Time to trek4-5hours (one side)
Camping siteNot allowed
Best time to trekOct to Feb
PermissionRequired, should be taken forest office
Trekking feesRs 425 per person
Accommodation (base camp) and food                      Rs 1000 per person
Contact Number (Home stay)Raje Gowda: 7483649370 (M)
Jeep charge 500-700 per group (max of 8 people) drop from Balegal to Mullodi
Information in detail:

Kudremukh trek starting point :

Trek starting point is “Mullodi”, Mullodi is very small village consisting of aprox 40 houses. This village is 6 kms from main road. This villages is not connected with any public Transport. But there are couple of home stays in this village which is ideal place for base camp for kudremukh trek.

How to reach Kudremukh trek starting point ie Mullodi :

If you are starting from Bangalore then there are few KSRTC buses and few Private Buses. Please note that No direct bus to trek starting point. You can reserve ticket in Private(Sugama Tourist) bus till Kudremukh but any way you need to get down in Kalasa and you will get connecting bus to Kudremukh. Not required to travel all the way to Kudremukh, You required to get down at “Balegal”. Balegal is 10.5 Kms from Kalasa. 

If you prefer KSRTC then catch any buses which goes to “HORANADU” and get down at Kalasa. From Kalasa you get bus towords Kudremukh. Dont take ticket  to Kudremukh. Take ticket to Balegal which is small village between Kalasa and Kudremukh 

To reach Mullodi from Balegal you have two options 1) Hire privite jeep from Balegal bus stop which cost you Rs 500-700 for 8 people. 2) Start your trek from Balegal itself. But first one is recommended because trek length becomes (18+6) 24KMS which is difficult task for one day. 

BANGALORE  to  Kudremukh Bus details: 

Note: No direct buses to Kudremukh:  Privite bus: Sugama Travels – You will get reservation till Kudremukh but it is connecting bus  

KSRTC Bus: Till Kalasa you will get bus, from there you required to catch private vehicle. Timings: AIRAVAT (VOLVO AC) :22.46,    KARNATAKA SARIGE:21:33, 22.02 RAJAHAMSA EXECUTIVE:22.26    

Kudremukh trek difficulty:

Trek difficulty level from “Mullodi” to Lobo’s house trek is easy. From Lobo’s house to “Ontimara” difficulty level is Moderate. There are couple of small stretch in which trail becomes steep. From Ontimara till end of Zig-Zag route trek is bit difficult. From “Zig-Zag trail” end till peak it is again moderate  in difficulty level. Overall difficulty level is moderate

Kudremukh trek distance:

Mullodi – 4.5KMS – loboshouse – 2.5KMS – Zig-zag starting point – 1 KMS – Zig-zag end point – 1.5KMS – Peak. Total Distance is Aprox 9 to 9.5 KMS one side from Mullodi 

Time to trek Kudremukh : Mullodi – 1-1.5 hrs – loboshouse – 1-1.5hrs Zig-zag starting point – 30Min-45 Min – Zig-zag end  1hrs – 1.5hours – peak. Total time required to trek from Mullodi to peak is 3.5 hrs- 5hrs 

Kudremukh trek Camping sites:

 camping is not allowed

Best time to trek  Kudremukh :

Best time will be November and December where you will see complete green grass land. From Jan on words grass will turn into brownish color till march you can trek but you will not get green carpet look. But still there will be chances of getting clouds at peak. In this time you will get to see Kudremukh landscape.In summer it will be hard to trek as distance of total trek is 18KMS hence covering total distance under hot sun will be difficult. Try to avoid heavy rainy season. It will be very difficult in rains because you will land in to leaches land.        

Getting Permission for trekking :

You Required to get permission from forest office You can get permission in Balegal itself. There is trekking fees of Rs – 275

Trekking Itinerary ( Starting point :Bangalore)
  • Catch bus on Friday night from Mejestic at 10.45 PM (Bangalore to Horanadu Volvo bus) 
  • Get town @ Kalasa (Approx 6.AM ) . Wait for local bus which goes towords Kudremukh. (Other option Call up Raje Gowda and ask him to arrange jeep from Kalasa to Mullodi)
  • Get down at Balegal and Get permission for trekking. Then hire jeep to reach Mullodi(Rs-500-700)
  • Jeep will drop you @ Rajegowda house this will be base camp. (approx at 7.00 AM)
  • Fresh up and have breakfast in Rajedowda house.  Take packed lunch from his house.
  • Dump unnecessary luggage there. Carry food item and water.
  • start trek by 8.00 AM
  • Reach peak by 1 PM and have packed lunch spend some time 🙂
  • start descending @1.30 PM and reach base camp(Rajegowda house by 6 PM)
  • Get hot bath and have dinner, If no rain then can make Camp fire. 
  • Fresh up, Visit small water falls which is there just opposite to Rajegowda house. Even you can take bath here.(In Summer wont expect much water)
  • Have breakfast and leave base camp
  • Jeep will drop you till Balegal. If you want to travel back in day time then you will get bus to Bangalore from Kalasa.
  • If you hawant spend hole day then visit Famous Annapurneshari temple and have dinner. 
  • Catch Bangalore bus @ 9.30 PM
  • Back to Bangalore by 5.30 AM 

Note: Bus booking should be done in advance. Many times bus will be reserved fully

Account Book* 
Expense( For 7 people)    Cost
Fruits and snacks      550
Water,appy,chocolates,first aid, glucon-d      740  
KSRTC Bus(volvo) fair (Bangalore-Kalasa and Horanadu-Bangalore)    6614
Local bus fair (Kalasa to balegal and Balegal to Horanadu)      370
Guide charge      500
Trekking fees(425*7)    2975
Stay and break fast, packed lunch ,dinner and next day breakfast(@Rajappa house)(1000*7)    7000
Jeep charge Balegal-Mullodi (700*2)     1400
Snacks @ Kalasa      210
Total (Group – for 7 people )     20359
Per person cost       2908

 * – Its just indicative price for your reference 

Trekking Photos: 
Watch video which is having information about map and trek route

 You need to get down at Balegal stop. Balegal is 10.5 KMS from Kalsa town. You can hire jeep from this shop to reach Mullodi(Jeep charge Rs:500) You can see in above pic left side blue shed is forest office where you will get permission for trek. If you drive then there is parking place you can park vehicle here. 

Note: To trek Kudremukh peak  not required to go till Kudremukh Town, Balegal comes 11 KM before Kudremukh town.

Balegal tea shop
Balegal jeep stand
Kudremukh jeep route starts at Balegal. Distance between Balegal to Mullodi is 6KMS
Jeep from Balegal to Mullodi
Kudremukh Trek: Information board at Balegal. (From here jeep track starts)
Jeep road : It is not possible to drive your vehicle in this road until you have 4 wheel drive with very good skill set of driving. Better to hire jeep
Jeep Journey
Mahendra Jeep trying its best :) Still couple of guys got down
Kudremukh trek : Raje Gowda's House.  You will get rest rooms for morning fresh up, Breakfast, packed lunch for trek, Night stay , firecamp and next day brekfast Hot water for bath. Charge : per person - Rs 600
Rajappa Homestay
Kudremukh trek: Initial trek route
Initial trek trail
Kudremuk trek route:  Path goes side by water stream. For quite some time you will be listening  flowing water sound