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Information in brief : 

Location: Kodaikanal > Tamilnadu > India

Distance from Bangalore  : 465 KMS

Trek difficulty Level             : Moderate 

Kodai- Kumbakarai falls trek distance :12 KMS (Oneside)

Kodai height                           : 2,133 metres

Time to trek                            : 7 – 8 hours

Camping site                          : Vellagavi

Best time to trek                   :  Oct to Feb

Permission                             : Not required

Trekking fees                         : None

Guide Contact number        : Mr Thyangraj – 919786338109 (Unofficial guide, its is not his profession)

Guide Fees                             : Rs 1000 per group per day 

Important Note: Above info  “time to trek” and “difficulty level” is based on trek trail from Kodai to Kumbakarai which is descending. If you trek in reverse path(i e Kumbakarai to Kodai) then Time required to trek will be : 9 – 11 hours for average trekkers. Difficultly Level – “Difficult”. If you are first time trekkers then try to trek Kodai to Kumbakarai.  

Information in detail:

Kodaikanal to Kumbakarai falls trek starting point : Trek starts from dolphin’s nose (vattakanal) which is about 7Kms from Kodaikanal. You can hire private vehicle(jeep) to reach Vattakanal.   

Bangalore to Kodaikanal Bus details: Airavat (Volvo AC) :  22:15, Rajahamsa : 21:15. For ticket Booking : Click here  

Kodaikanal to Kumbakarai falls trek difficulty: Overall difficultly level from Kodaikanal(Dolphin’s Noise) to Kumabakarai falls is Moderate. If you are trekking from Kumbakarai to Kodaikanal(Dolphin’s noise) then trekking difficulty level will be “Difficult”   

Kodai Kumbakarai trek distance:   Dolphin’s nose- 5KMS(Approx) -Vellagavi – 7KMS(approx) – Kumbakarai.

Time to trek Kodai to Kumbakarai : Dolphin’s nose-> 3-4hrs ->Vellagavi -> 4-6 hrs ->Kumbakarai.  

In reverse track it requires more time:  Kumbakarai-> 6-7 hrs   -> Vellagavi  -> 4-5 hrs  ->Dolphin’s nose

Kodai to Kumbakarai trek Camping sites: You can camp near Vellagavi, Camping is best option if you start trekking from Kumbakarai falls because it will require good amount of time and energy to reach Vellagavi. If your trek starting from Dolphin’s nose then you can reach Kumbakarai (trek endpoint) in same day. 

Best time to trek  Kodai to Kumbakarai : You can trek from September till Feb. In summer(March-May) trekking from Kumbakarai to dolphin’s noise requires lot of energy as you need to trek steep mountain. If you are trekking in summer then start early (by 7 AM). Avoid rainy season.     

Trek Photos :
Kodai trek trail: Rocky trek trail to Dolphin's nose
Kodai trek : Vellagavi village view
 Kodai trek trail : roots on route
Kodai trek: On the way to Vellagavi
Trek trail till Vellagavi : its well marked muddy road
Kodai trek: only one steep  near Vellagavi
Kodaikanal to Kumbakarai falls trek: Temple at Vellagavi
Kodaikanal to Kumbakarai falls trek  :Trek trail after Vellagavi, So much green in summer !!!
Trunk(s) ??
Kodai trek: Final stretch almost on flat surface after 10KMS !!
Trek trail near Kumbakarai falls