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top station trek

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 Information in nutshell : 

Location: Top Station  >Theni(District) > Tamilnadu (State) > India (Country)
Trek starting point : Kurangani  
Distance from Bangalore: 478 Kms
Trek difficulty Level: Moderate 
Top station  trek distance : 9 Kms (One side)
Altitude: 1880 Mts
Time to trek: 5 - 6 hours (One side)
Camping site : Middle Station and near to Top station 
Best time to trek:  Oct to Feb
Permission : Not Required
Beware of :  Cold Wind  
Trekking fees :  Guide fee : Rs 1000 / day 
Campsite fee(Without food): Rs 1000 / person (includes space for campsite and woods basic toilet room)
Campsite(with food)  : Rs 1500/person (includes space for campsite and woods and basic toilet room, lunch, dinner breakfast and tea) 
Contact Number :Yogesh (Guide) Phone No :09787019675, 09245963375

Detailed Information :

Bangalore  - 42Kms -> Hosur - 51 Kms -> Krishnagiri - 110 Kms -> salem - 170 Kms -> Dindigul - 74Kms -> Theni - 15Kms -> Bodi - 16Kms -> Kurngini  

Bangalore - 478 Kms-> Kurngini 

Top station trekking : Top station name came because it was uppermost railway station in this region. This "Top station" railway station was used to transport tea from Munnar. From Top station there was a ropway to transport tea to Kottagudi. Then tea was shipped 15 km by cart to Bodinayakkanur, after that by rail to other places in India.

 Trek starting point :

Kurangini is small village which is there in Theni district of Tamilnadu. Nearest town is Bodi which is 16Kms from away from Kurangini.

 How to reach Kurangini (From Bangalore) :

There is a KSRTC bus which goes to Theni, then you can hire privite vehicle from theni  to reach Korangini (Distance 30Kms), Other option is to hire vehicle from Bangalore itself (But you need to pay money for tolls and road tax)   

Trek Difficulty level :

Difficulty level is  Easy to Moderate. There is  visible path to trek. Trek trail is much wider almost every where. There are two paths from Kurangini to Middle station Path-A) Normal stone laid path, Path-B) Path through coffee estate. Path-A is very much easy. Path-B trek difficulty is Moderate. Trek becomes bit difficult just after Middle station ( For 1.5 KMs stretch). After 1.5 Kms from Middle station trek becomes again easy which goes through small village. You can even find many local people taking this path to reach Kurngini from Top station.  

Top station trekking distance :

Trekking distance from Kurngini to Middle station is about 4Kms. Distance between Middle station to Top station is about 5Kms. Total distance from Kurangini to Topstation is about 9Kms  

Time to trek Top station  :  

Trek from Kurangini - middle station requires 2-3 hours. It requires another 3-4 hours to reach top station from middle station. Total time required to trek is about 5-6 hours.

Top station trek starting point

Next peak to the top station: Kolukkumalai tea estate peak

Easy trek path till water falls

Water falls : Please be careful in this falls, its rocky and dangerous. Go according to your local guide.  (Note: some time back one of famous trekking club member lost his life near to this water falls)

There are 2 routes to reach middle station above pic is route-1.

 route 2: after water falls you required to take right and go into forest and then into coffee estate

 Small temple near to middle station

Top view of middle station

Top station trek Brownish yellow grass(in Jan), In November it should be look like green carpet.  Note: these electric poles goes till top station

On heaven !!!!!

Camp site view from top station. Camp site is there 2 KMS  distance from top station

Camp site view from top station. Camp site is there 2 KMS  distance from top station

Top station trek : Kurangani hills information board


 Camping at top station Munnar

Top station trek : Trek without campfire ?  Impossible :)

Sunraise at top station Munnar

Top station trek Munnar colorful rays

Top station Munnar


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