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tadiandamol trek

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Tadiandamol trek


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Trek trails are getting polluted day by day, If it continues like this most of trek trails will be banned. Now we are working on cleaning up trek trails. I will be cleaning up shivagange on 02 Feb 19. You want join then signup for the event by clicking bellow link: 


 Kakkabe > Virajpet (Nearest town) > Coorg / Madikeri (District)  > Karnataka(state) > India (Country)

Distance from Bangalore 

260 KMS

Trek starting point

Near Kakkabe

Trek difficulty Level


Tadiandamol trek distance

4 KMS (one side)

Tadiandamol peak height

 1740 m

Time to trek

 6-8 hours

Camping site

 At the foothills of the peak( a huge rock )

Best time to trek

Oct to Feb


Not Required

Trekking fees


Contact Number



Thadiyandamol trek / Tadiandamol trek  Information in details
Location on google map:

{google_map}12.217356,75.608768| type:terrain| show_info:no| zoom:14| width:1200 | height:480{/google_map}

How to reach from Bangalore:

If you are taking private vehicle then you can follow bellow route :  

1) Bangalore --100Kms--> Mandya --26Kms--> Srirangapattana --20Kms--> Elivala--31Kms--> Hunsuru--45Kms--> Gonikoppa l--16Kms--> Virajpet--26Kms--> Kakkabe.

2) Bangalore--->Mandya--->Srirangapattana--->Mysore-->Hunsuru-->Kushalnagar-->Madikeri-->Kakabe.

Road condition of second route is better than first one.  

Public Transport ( From Bangalore):  Catch  KSRTC buses to Virajpet from Satellite bus-stand . Then change bus to Bhagamandala, get down near Kakkabe (Aramane stop which is 2 Kms before Kakabe).

Tadiyandamol ( thadiyandamol )  Trek trail map

Mainly there are two trek routes. 1) Aramane / Palace route 2) Honey Vally route

Here is map of Aramane / Palace trek route. Peak is 8 Kms from main road(Main road is marked in Black colour).

If you are travelling by public vehicle  : Get down just 2 kms before  Kakabe (from Virajpet side). Get down just after zigzag curve. you can request to stop at Aramane/Palace stop. This is your starting trek point which is marked as "Trek starting point A" in  above map. You required to walk 4kms the road which is marked in blue colour in the map.  

If you are travelling by private vehicle : If you are travelling from Virajpet route then just before kakkabe you will hit zigzag road which is marked in black in above map. Take left just after zigzag curve. You need to proceed in the this road for another 4 Kms (which is marked in Blue colour). Park your vehicle here and this will be your starting point which is marked as "Trek starting point B" in map.

You will find small water stream here. You can fill water if you require. Route from here to foothill of the peak is around 2.6 Kms which is marked using "yellow line" in the map. This is mud road. Keep left in Y junction. This stretch is easy. After trekking 2.6 kms you will find big rock which is best place for Camping. You will find water source very much nearby. If you are planning to camp then this is best option. you will find plenty of wood for your fire camp. Wind will be much lesser than peak.

After this Big rock,  peak is around 1.6 kms far. Trek trail is much steeper. This stretch  is marked using "Purpule colour" in above map. you need to cross small stretch of sholla forest. Dont try to take any shortcuts. (We tryed out and missed our way for some time :) ) Hardly 4 - 6 tents can accommodate in the peak. [Warning : On the peak there will be high speed wind. You check weather report just before going,] Just after rainy season finding wood for fire camp will be difficult, you need to carry this from base camp. 

Tadiyandamol (Thadiyandamol) trek trek difficulty  :

Stretch  marked in blue line is very easy(4kms), Stretch marked in yellow line is easy (2.6Kms), Streach marked in Purple colour is Moderate.   

Tadiyandamol peak height  :

Tadiayandamol peak height is 1740 mts from sea level. This is second tallest peak in Karnataka . Tallest peak in Coorg.    

Thadiyandamol trek trek distance :

You can find different answers in different blogs. Actually it depends on 1) which route you are taking 2)From where you are starting your trek.  In Aramane/Palace route you can start your trek from main road which is marked as "Trek starting point A" in above map. Distance from "Trek starting point A" to Peak is 8 Kms one side. Trek distance from "Trek starting point B" to peak is 4 Kms . 

Time to trek Thadiyandamol trek peak:

If you are starting from "trek starting point A"  then it will take around 1-2 hour to cover initial 4Kms which is marked in blue color in above map. Next stretch is around 2.6 kms which is there till the foothill (till big rock) stretch is marked in yellow line in above map may take 1-2 hour . Last stretch is 1.4 Kms which is more steeper. It may take 2-3 hours.  Total stretch from Trek starting point A to peak requires 4-7 hours one side. From Trek Starting point B to peak it requires 3-5 hours       

Camping site at Thadiyandamol trek:

There are two best places for camp. 1) At the foothills of the peak that is near to the big rock. This is best place for camp. You will get water near by. Big rock gives you protection from water. Ground is flatter for camping. you will get wood for campfire. 2) At the peak. Only 4-6 tents will accommodate at the peak. So if you are trekking in long weekend then better reach early to the peak. But there is no water at the peak. so you need to carry. Normally high wind will be there at the peak so just check wind in weather forecast.  

Warning : Please keep campfire overnight if you are camping at the foothills. This is because observed  Elephants activity recently in this area


Tadiandamol trek: Initial trek route
Tadiandamol trek: Path becoming smaller and smaller
Tadiyandamol trek: First view of Tadiandamol peak
 Tadiandamol trek: Famous big rock (front view), Person on top is to indicate size of the rock
Tadiandamol trek: Side view of
 Tadiandamol trek: Above photo suggests it will be difficult to trek in rain,We may not be able to  judge how much deep when its filled with water
Tadiandamol trek: Another option for camping, i.e on peak itself.But please note that there is hardly 3-6 tents only can fit,  If you are trekking on long week ends then difficult to find place. Also please note that there will be High wind and  there is no availability of water at peak
Tadiandamol trek: Wow !!!! Difficult to explain experience in words because of two reasons  1) My Vocabulary is not good  2) Vocabulary itself is not having enough words :)
Tadiandamol trek: Above the Ocean of clouds
Tadiandamol trek: Other peaks looks so small  
Tadiandamol trek: Getting back  :(
Tadiandamol trek: Just tried to focus sun :) (This photo is not edited/processed one)

its bigger challenge !!! but we are taking this challenge, Doing something is better than doing nothing, if you wan to know more then click next link let us make it better


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