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Shivaganga trek

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Shivaganga > Tumkur (near Bangalore) > Karnataka >india

Distance                :  47 kms from Bangalore

Difficulty Level      :  Moderate

How to reach trek starting point : Majestic Bangalore -> Jalahalli ->shivaganga betta

Shivaganga betta: "Betta" is Kannada word which means "hill" in English. shivaganga hill  comes in Tumkur district. This trek come under one day trek category.

Shivaganga hills route :

There is well marked route is there till the  hill top. There are steps (whenever it becomes steep ) till half the way. Trek starting point is a temple which is dedicated to Lord shiva.

Shivaganga hill trekking difficulty :

Moderate. There are steps and protecting iron poles for most part of trek trail. Without protecting iron pipes  trek would have become difficult one.

Shivaganga trek distance : 3 Kms (one side).

Time to trek Shivaganga hill : For average trekker it may require 2 to 3 hours to reach peak from temple which is there at the foot hill

Early morning trek itinerary:
  • Start from Bangalore(Mejestic) at  4 AM(its 47KMS journey requires at least 1 hour to reach from majestic )
  • Reach Shivaganga foothill at 5 AM
  • Start trekking at 5 AM
  • Reach peak by 6.30 AM 
  • Watch sunrise from peak  (Check out sunrise timings before you plan)
  • Start descending by  7.30 AM
  • reach foothill by 9 AM
  • Reach to Majestic by 10 AM

Shivaganga Trek Photos :

Temple at the foothill

Steps made trek easy

Easy trek route

Kallu chappara

shivangana trek route

 Every where you will find Nandi statues

that is peak

Smile please

While scaling down

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