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narasimha parvatha trek

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Location: Narasimha Parvata  > Agumbe > Shivamogga > Karnataka  > India 

Distance from Bangalore : 362 Kms

Trek difficulty Level : Difficult from Malandur (Agumbe side) to peak, Moderate  from Kigga (Sringeri side) to peak

 Narasimha Parvata trek distance: 13 Kms from Malandur (Agumbe side) to peak. 6 Kms from Kigga (Sringeri side) to peak

Narasimha Parvata height: 1150 Mts

Time to trek: 7 - 9 hours from Malandur (Agumbe side) to peak. 4 - 6 hours from Kigga (Sringeri side) to peak

Camping site : Old house near to peak

Best time to trek : Oct to Feb

Permission : Required, should be taken at forest office  

Beware of: Leeches in post monsoon




Trek info in-details  :

Narasimha parvatha trek :  Narasimha parvatha peak comes under Kuduremukh national park. This is highest peak in Agumbe region. Hight of the peak is 1150mts from sea level.

Trek starting point : There are two options to trek  Narasimha parvatha.

1) From Malandur, which is there 6Kms from Agumbe. 

2) From Kigga which is there 10KMS from Sringeri.

How to reach Agumbe \ Sringeri : There are night KSRTC buses to Agumbe/ Sringeri (7-9 hours required to reach)

How to reach trek string point :

Trek from Agumbe side: You can hire auto from Agumbe to Malandur. Auto charge will be around Rs 100 for 5. Extra Rs 20 for each person.

Trek From Sringeri side:  Local Buses play between Sringeri and Kigga (Frequency 1 hour) takes around 30 min to reach Kigga from Sringeri

Trek Difficulty level : Trekking from Agumbe side is difficult. This is mainly because you will trek inside forest for 10 KMS. You will start your trek at altitude of 826 Mts. In forest many times you will gain altitude and again you will loose it :). There is no visible trek trail inside the forest. There is high change of getting lost inside forest. Trek difficulty from Malandur to Barkana falls is "Moderate". Trek Difficulty from Barkana falls to till end of forest is very difficult(Very steep to trek). After forest trek difficulty is moderate.

Trekking from Sringeri side is Moderate, From trek start point till peak you required to trek inside forest for initial 1KMS from Kigga temple till forest is very easy. Actual trek starts from this point. Next 2KMS you required to trek inside forest. But considering distance required to cover from Siringeri side is much less compared to Agumbe side Hence trekking from Sringeri side is easier compared to Agumbe side.

Narasimha parvatha trekking distance : Trekking distance from Agumbe side: Malandur to Barkana falls -> 8KMS, Barkana falls to exit of forest 3KMS, Exit of forest to Peak 2KMS. Total distance from Malandur to Narsimaha parvatha peak is 13 KMS

Trekking Distance from Kigga :    From Kigga temple to Forest starting point 1KMS. Trek inside forest 2KMS. On grassy trail trek distance 3 KMS. Total Distance From Kigga temple till Narasimha Parvatha peak 6KMS

Time to trek   Narasimha parvatha : From Malandur side:  Malandur to Barkana falls will 3- 4 hours. From Barkana falls till end of tick forest it requires 1.5 - 3 hours. From end of tick forest till Narasimha parvatha peak time required to trek is about 1.5 to 3 hours. Total time required to trek is about 7 to 9 hours.

From Kigga side : Time required to trek from Kigga Temple till forest starting point is about 20 Min to 30 Min. Time required to trek forest starting point to end of tick forest is about 2 to 3 hours. It requires another 2- 3 hours to trek till peak from end of tick forest. Total time required from Kigga temple to peak is around 4.5 - 6 hours.

Water Sources  : From Malandur side : You will find water stream at Barkana water falls which is there at 8 Kms from Malandur. There will be many water streams during Monsoon and post monsoon months. Most of streams(Except Barkana falls stream i.e Sita rivar) will be dried by end December. Better to carry enough water along with you if you are trekking after December. Next Water source is near to Peak (200mts from old house)

From Kigga side: Difficult to get water on the way(after December). Only water source this side is near to Peak (200mts from old house)    

Camping Site : Plenty of space to do camp just near to peak. There is old building which can be used for stay if you are not planning to carry tents. The Old house will accommodate 10 - 12 people. If you are carring tents then there is plane surface near to old house. Water source also near to this old building(about 200mts)

Best time to trek  : November to February is the best time to trek. Please note that Agumbe region receives highest rain fall in Karnataka. Trekking in monsoon will be very bad idea and very difficult to trek also. In summer water source will be dried up and also required lot of strength to do this trek.

Trekking Photos:
Trekking From Agumbe side :
Doddamane, Agumbe. 130 years old house !!!  ( Freshup, breakfast and packed lunch for trek )
Narasimha Parvata Trek starting point from Malandur
Narasimha Parvata initial trek route just after Malandur
Narasimha Parvata Trek route after trekking 1 KMS, Water stream during monsoon ??
Trek through Agumbe forest
Agumbe forest  view from Barkana falls
Top of the Barkana water falls
 Finding route is pretty difficult during Narasimha Parvatha trek
Trekking photos from Kigga Side : 
Narasimha parvatha trek staring point from Kigga side
Narasimha parvatha trek route (From kigga side) : Keep right 
Narasimha parvatha trek route (From kigga side) : Initial trek route
 Water lake
Initial Narasimha Parvatha trek route(From Kigga side)
Forest starting point (Keep left) from kigga to Narasimha parvatha
Flower or fruit or seeds ??
 Visible trek trail  (From Kigga to Narasimha Parvatha Peak)
Blue sky, Silver clouds Misty mountains and lush green forest
Photos Taken around Narasimaha parvatha peak:
Old house @ Narasimha Parvatha Peak (Near to peak)
Water resource at Narasimha parvatha peak (Near to old house)
Colorful sunset @ Narasimha parvatha peak
Campfire during night
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