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mullayanagiri trek

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Trek trails are getting polluted day by day, If it continues like this most of trek trails will be banned. Now we are working on cleaning up trek trails. I will be cleaning up shivagange on 02 Feb 19. You want join then signup for the event by clicking bellow link: 
Location  :

Chikamagaluru or Chikmagalur (District ) > Karnataka (State) >India (Country) .

Trek Starting Point :  

Sarpadhari. Sarpadhari is kannada word which means path like a snake, 'sarpa' stands for snake and 'dhari' for way

Distance from Bengaluru (Bangalore) :


How to reach : 

If you are driving: Bangalore - 187KMS - Hasan - 38KMS - Belur - 27KMS - Chikmagalur - 15KMS - Sarpadaari.

From Chikmagalur  proceed towards Bababudangiri, near Kaimara you have to take left turn (8 kms from Chikmagalur). You will hit Y intersection, Your left side road goes to mullayanagiri peak(direct road till peak ). If you want to trek then just move straight further 500 mts. You will find small arch towards your left. That is called Sarpadhari. This will be your starting point.  

If you are going by public transport :There are KSRTC buses from Bangalore to Chikmagalur. You can hire jeep from  Chikmagalur to Sarpadhri. You can hire auto (If your team head count is 3-4) also they will charge Rs 250.

Buses from Banglore to Chikamagaluru* : VOLVO/M BENZ AC :Timings - 22:27,18:06, 23:40, Fair: Rs 390; Journey Hours- 04:30 ;  RAJAHAMSA EXECUTIVE :Timings - 22:30,23:00,23:30 Fair: 303 Journey Hours: 6.00;  KARNATAKA SARIGE: Timings - 19:02,20:59,22:33,23:31 Fair : 187  journey hour :06:30 

Location on Google map:

{google_map}13.390924,75.721571| type:satellite | show_info:no| zoom:16| width:1200 | height:480{/google_map} 

Trek difficulty Level   :

If you are trekking only mullayanagiri hill then trek will be EASY. If you want trek further to Bababudangiri then trek will be Moderate. (In summer and rainy season trek will be difficult )

Peak height    :

Highest peak in Karnataka. 1,930 meters (6,330 ft) from  sea level.

Trek distance  :

Sarpadhari to Mullayanagiri peak is around 3 KMS. If you trek further to Bababudangiri then you need to trek 10 KMS more.

Time to trek    :

To reach Mullayanagiri peak with average speed it may require 3-4 hrs. If you are trekking to Bababudangiri then 6 to 8 hrs more required. 

Best time to trek  :

 For most of the treks in Karnataka, best time will be September  to February. You can even trek in summer but trek will be much harder. Better to avoid Rainy seasons.

Trek permission  :

You need to get permission from chikkamangalore forest dept(near to busstand)

Trek route:

 Mullayanagiri to Bababudangiri trek routeIn  map dark brown line represents main road. Starting point of trek is marked in map its called as Sarpadhari. Initial part of trek is steep. "Blue line" in map represents trek route from sarpadhari to Mullayanagiri. You have to ascend in this stretch. Most part of this trek is steep. On the way you will find Cave and Nandi statue.  At the peek there is temple.

Next stretch is marked in green line. This stretch is from Mullayanagiri peak to main road. This is easier stretch because most of time you need to descend. You will hit main road. You need to cross the road.

Next stretch is marked in red line in above map. This is from main road to Bababudangiri. This part of the trek is difficult. You have to trek on to narrow ridge. On the way you will find BSNL tower which is another landmark in this trek.  Warning: Near to BSNL tower stretch is quite steep and dangerous. Pay more attention while trekking. Pink Line marked in Map takes you to main road(we took this route). From main road you can go to Manikyadhara or Bababudangiri

From Manikyadhara to bababudangiri stretch is very easy, its tar road. If you tired then you will get auto/some private vehicle till Bababudangiri. 



 Mullayanagiri Photos:
Nice road to drive (Near to Sarpadhari)
Mullayanagiri trek starting point - sarpadhari
Initial Mullayanagiri trek route
Mist covered Mullayanagiri hills after 1kms from starting point
Misty mullayanagiri trek trail route
Clouds or mist ?? or both together ???   :)
 Some flowers on  the way
Experimenting with macro mode
Is it Flower ??
Huge rock wall on the way to Mullayanagiri peak,  Keep left ....
Nandi statue on the way to Mullayanagiri peak
Tree covered with ferns on its trunk, This suggests in this place there will be clouds always
Cave on the way to Mullayanagiri hills
Final stretch  to Mullayanagiri peak
Another Nandi statue very near to peak
Temple at Mullaynagiri peak
It is Karnataka's highest peak : Mullayanagiri   :)



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