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Could you please let us know whether Trekking has been Banned to Dudhsagar fall, i heard rumor like it not allowed and i'm planned to trek there in August month 2016.


Its banned officially. But trekkers still visit there.


Some update from trekker who went on July 17


Last visited: 16/07/2017

Trekking is not banned as of now from kulem station(and maybe from castlerock as well). But when you start trekking from kulem a police officer will stop you and ask for you to pay 150rs trekking fee to doodhsagar mind you this not the trekking fee till doodhsagar. Doodhsagar view point is now guarded by RPF and they won’t let you stay for more than 2 min. But you can request and stay there for a while. and about that trekking fee you are paying is not valid and its just the people are making money by the name of trekking fee. The RPF people told us that the view point and its surroundings are the property of INDIAN RAILWAY so nobody can charge you for that other than railway itself. So since you are not allowed to stay for long time you are also not allowed to camp there. So the best plan would be reach madagaon in the morning get the train till doodhsagar station(AMARAVATI EXPRESS) and stay there for a while and go to doodhsagar station again(500 m) and get a passenger train till kulem(or castle rock) or request a goods train guard to give u lift till there. One thing u should remember is that if u want to go to castlerock leave early because there is connecting train from castlerock to anywhere and also no bus facility. But you can’t tolerate the fact that castle rock is so beautiful it just feels like another country in the Mediterranean like Britain. Kulem has bus facility to madagaon(so nothing to worry). But boy what a beautiful falls it was!

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