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Trek trails are getting polluted day by day, If it continues like this most of trek trails will be banned. Now we are working on cleaning up trek trails. I will be cleaning up Shivagange on 02 Feb 19. You want join then signup for the event by clicking bellow link: 

Important  Update* :

This board is at Kulem railway station. From both side i.e Castle rock(Karnataka) and Kulem(Goa) side its banned. From Castle rock side ban is followed strictly. Few trekkers still trekking from Kulem side using mud route  (To check their luck :)  ). you can find mud route details below.   

* Image and update credits : Anusha Mohan


Location: Dudhsagar falls > Goa (State) > India (Country)

Distance from Bangalore: 570 Kms

Trek difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

Dudhsagar trekking options:
Route -1 : Castle Rock to Dudhsagar falls
Route -2 : Kulem to  Dudhsagar falls on track
Route -3 : Kulem to  Dudhsagar falls on mud road 

Dudhsagar trek distance:
Route -1: Castle Rock to Dudhsagar falls  - 14 KM(Oneside)
Route -2: Kulem to  Dudhsagar falls on track - 11 KMS (One side)
Route -3 : Kulem to  Dudhsagar falls on mud road - 12 KMS (One side)

Time to trek :
Route -1 :Castle Rock to Dudhsagar falls : 6-8 hours (One side)
Route -2: Kulem to  Dudhsagar falls on track - 4 to 6 hours (One side)
Route -3 : Kulem to  Dudhsagar falls on mud road -4 to 6 hours (One side)

Best time to trek : July to Dec (during Monson )

Permission: Not required 

Trekking fees:
Route -1 : No Fees
Route -2 and Route 3 : Rs  20 per person

Location :

Dhudhsagar falls is there in the border of Goa and Karnataka, Dudh sagar falls located at Bhagwan Mahavir Wild Life Sanctuary.    

How to reach from Bangalore :  

Train is best option to reach trek starting point. Train number 17311 (MAS VASCO EXP) is best option which runs on friday only.

Dudhsagar Trek Route Options :

Dudhsagar falls trek route map

Route -1: Castle rock to Dudhsagar route :
  • Castel Rock is last railway station from Karnataka side. 
  • This is most popular trek route. Hence crowded in week ends 
  • Tunel number-2 is longest tunnel on this route(Tunnel distance : 409 Mts)
  •  You will cross Karnataka-Goa route.
  •  Dudhsagar station comes 1KMS before Dudhsagar falls
Route -2:  Kulem to Dudhsagar route on track
  • First station after crossing Karnataka- Goa border where train stops. 
  • On this route you will get view of falls multiple times. You will see track bridge in front of Dudhsagar falls   
Route -3 : Kulem to Dudhsagar route on mud road
  •     This trek route also starts from Kulem. 
  •     On this route you required to trek first 4KMS on track
  •     Then required to trek next 7KMS on wide mud road. 
  •     Last stretch you required to do ascend for .5 KM, this trail will join tack again near to Dudhsagar falls
Trek Distance : 
  1. Castle rock - 13KMS - Dudhsagar station - 1KMS -  Dudhsagar falls Total distance : 14 KMS ( Of-course one side) 
  2.  Kulem route on trek -11 KMS
  3.  Kulem to Dudhsagar route on mud road: 12KMS  
Camping Sites:

You can camp near to  Dudhsagar station. Carrying tents is must if you want to stay back(only Sleeping bags may not be sufficient).

Food availability :

You wont get good food there, You will get only tea and snacks. Better to carry your food or Maggie   

Must Carry : 
  • Torch: You must carry torch which is required very much while crossing tunnels
  • Jerkin/Rain coat : If you are trekking in monsoon then its better carry raincoat as it rains heavily in this region
  • Salt : Just after monsoon leeches will be there, Better to carry salt.

Trek Photos :
From Castle Rock side 
CastelRock , Dudhsagar trekking starting point
Crossing Goa border: border starts at 29.950 KMs
Tunnel during Dudhsagar trek
Dudhsagar trek
Old build near to falls which can be used for stay
   Dudhsagar Falls Trek from Kulem side :
Dudhsagar falls trek starting point (from Goa side) KULEM , Image have info about altitude - 72.5M. Which means if you start your trek from Kulem you can expect more humidity
Dudhsagar trek initial path, Just after starting from railway station(Kulem station is at50/000 milestone )
Dudhsagar falls trek mud route
 Dudhsagar falls trek inside forest
Dudhsagar trek route  during monsoon
Nice painting :)
Temple on the way, You will find drinking water to fill your bottle
Water stream during Dudhsagar trek, You required to cross this stream
Welcome to dudhsagar falls :)
Dudhsagar falls view from bottom side
Last stretch trek trail inside thick forest (half KM ascend)
Back to back tunnels during Dudhsagar trek
Dudhsagar falls images clicked near to falls:
dudhsagar falls and railway bridge
Dudhsagr falls view from railway track
Misty mountains


Dudhsagar falls camping images:


Dudhsagar falls trek camping near to falls
Really nice place to camp, One side Dudhsagar falls view other side mist covered mountains
Camping site at Dudhsagar falls, you can see there is shelter which gives protection from rain if you are not carrying tent. Normally in weekends getting place to sleep there will be difficult. Its better to carry your tents. Make sure that your tent is rainproof if you are planing during monsoon
Camping site is just next to falls, During monsoon in weekends it will be rush, avoid weekends if possible
Have plans to cook ? Getting dry wood in monsoon is very very difficult. There is small shop at camping site, We paid money to shopkeeper and used his stove for cooking :)

its bigger challenge !!! but we are taking this challenge, Doing something is better than doing nothing, if you wan to know more then click next link let us make it better


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