Bangalore to Ladakh
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If you think of long trip or long holiday or long drive then surely Bangalore to Ladakh (Ladak is region name and Leh is a actual City name ) is the best option which you can think of.

Possible option for Ladak trip
  1. Bangalore to Ladak by flight 
  2. Bangalore to Ladak by train
  3. Bangalore to Ladak by road trip (4 wheeler drive)
  4. Bangalore to Ladak by Bike
1 Bangalore to Ladak by flight :

There are connecting flights from Bangalore to Leh (Transit in Dellhi) which costs you Rs 10,000 to 15,000 based on your advance booking. Note that no non-stop flight is available from Bangalore. Total travel hours will be 9+ hours as you need to wait for connecting flight in Delhi.

Bangalore -------- (By flight, Rs 12,500 ) -----------> Leh

Total (Round trip)  : Rs 12,500 *2 = 25,000

Other option is to book your flight till Srinagar which costs you Rs 6,000 to Rs10,000 and hire taxi to reach Leh. Distance between Srinagar to Leh is 416 Kms. (It may require 1- 2 days to reach Leh). Taxi may cost you (for round trip) approx. Rs 20,000 to 30,000 based on vehicle(indica or Innova) and number of the days(Atleast 6 days are required for Srinagar to Leh to Srinagar trip) 

Bangalore -------- (By flight, Rs 8,000 ) -----------> Srinagar ---------(Taxi* Rs 2500)--------> Leh 

Total (Round trip)  : Rs 10,500 *2 = 21,000

* 4 people travelling in taxi. approx cost for 4 people will be Rs 20000. per person Rs 20000/4 = 5000 for round trip.  for one side will cost you Rs rs 2,500 

2 Bangalore to Ladak by train

No direct trains are available. Nearest railway station is Chandigarh. There is train from Bangalore to Chandigarh. Other option is to reach Delhi by train and then catch Bus to Manali and then to Leh. Approximate fare between Delhi to Manali is arround Rs 1000. There are two buses runs between Manali and Leh (Depending on weather condition)  aprox cost is Rs 3000 per seat.

Bangalore -----------( By train, Rs 1000 ) -----------> Delhi ------(By bus, Rs 1000)-----------> Manali --------(By bus, Rs 3000)-----> Leh

Total (Round trip)  : Rs 5000 * 2 = Rs 10,000

3 Bangalore to Ladak by Bike 

biking from Bangalore to Leh requires lot of time and energy. Normally bikers ship their bike to Delhi and then they will start biking from there. Other option is to hire bikes from Delhi or from Manali. Rent varies from Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,000 per day based on model , CC and season. You may require at least 6-8 days to complete  biking trip (Manali-Leh-Manali)

Bangalore ----------- (By flight Rs 6000) -------------> Delhi --------(By bus, Rs 1000)-----------> Manali --------(By bike#Rs 10,00)-----> Leh 

Total (round trip = 17,000 * 2) = Rs 34,000

# for 8 days : manali -leh-Manali: Rs 1500 * 8 + Rs 8000 (fuel and repair) = 12000 + 8000 = 2,0000    one side Rs 10,000 

4 Bangalore to Ladak by road trip (4 wheeler drive) 
Day1: Bangalore to Mumbai -984 KMS 
Day2: Mumbai to Jodhpur  -985 KMS
Day3: Jodhpur to Amritsar  -817 KMS
Day4: Amritsar to Srinagar  -569 KMS
Day5: Brek in Srinagar - 20 KMS
Day6: Srinagar to Kargil - 200 KMS
Day7: Kargil to Leh - 215 KMS
Day8: Leh - Khardung la - Nubra Valley -117 KMS   (World's highest altitude road )
Day9: Nubra Valley-Khardung la-Pangong Tso - 330KMS (3 idiot film shooting place)
Day10: Pangong Tso - Sarchu - 279 KMS
Day11:Sarchu - Manali  - 223 KMS  
Day 12 : Manli to Dehli  - 539 KMS 
Day 13 : Delhi to Bhopal - 744 KMS
Day 14 : Bhopal to Hydrabad - 850 KMS
Day 15 : Hydrabad to Bangalore -570 KMS
Things to Carry :

1. Winter clothes (Avg Low Temperature in Leh (May to sept) = 7 degrees)
a. Shoes/Socks/Gloves/Cap/Jacket
b. Thermals (Optional, if you can tolerate cold with above things)

2. Clothes for 15/16 days
a. 3/4 Jeans (Good for cold too)
b. 2 pair night wear
c. N t-shirts/shirts as needed
d. Chappal (For most of the journey)
e. Extra socks (If wearing shoe entire journey) else your shoe will be thrown out
f. Towel (Thin one is best, need to dry it fast)
g. Hand kerchief (if you have habit of using)

3. Personal hygene
   a. Soap, tooth brush, paste, shaving kit, deo, etc
4. Prescribed Medicines
5. Torch (Handy for night wanderers)
6. Photo ID proof (Must) + couple of copies
7. Extra pair of spectacles(if you use spectacles )
8. Backpack (Preferable all fit into one backpack)

Common things:
1. 2 X 5 Liter water bottless
2. Snacks / energy bars
3. Fruits (will buy on the way also)
4. Maggie/Rice/Puliogare mix
5. Vessel
6. Bonfire stuff (kerosine, matches)
7. First aid kit
8. Tents
9. Sleeping bags
10. Car stuff
11. Tissues/toilet paper
12. Knife



Day-1Bangalore to Ahmedabad : Distance covered -1488 KMS :

Better to start early(may be at 4 AM) so that you can cover as much distance as possible. It better to cover at-least 1200 KMS in first day. Reaching  Ahmedabad is best option so that you can get time to explore Gujarat and Rajastan also. Better to avoid sight seeings in Karnataka and Maharastra to save time. Hubli-Dharwad  by-bass is two way traffic, rest of the travel is on wide national highway. In first day travel is in Karnataka and Maharashtra. Karnataka is known for most of its wide categories of places to visit. Tourism department tagline "One state many worlds" make real sense.   


Suvarna Vidhana Soudha Belgaum : Nice location they have chosen for this building.

you can bypassed all cities, only you may that you will be wasting your time in toll booths. there are many Dhabhas and restaurants on the way.


Welcome to Maharashtra ; "Maharashtra Unlimited"

Maharastra also offers you many places to visit. Mumbai, Mahabaleshwar, Ajanta, Ellora, Kandala and Konkan beaches are few names when you think of Maharashtra. but better to avoid visiting these places if you are paning your whole trip to complete in 15-20 days. In case if you are planing for 25-30 days travel then you can explore few of above listed places.  


Dhokla welcomes you to Gujrat 


Sabarmati Ashram, Ahmedabad, Gujrat


Ghandhiji : 

Two Great National heroes. One mission, but entirely opposite paths..




Ghandiji's room


  just simplicity  

Welcome to Rajasthan

Fateh Sagar Lake,Udaipur

Chat masala.. I forgot name of the chat :)


Udaipur City Palace

Classic Rajastani thali...

Stay at tents in Rajsthan

Day 3:


Morning alarm by peacock, So many peacocks came over there


Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur 

Blue city , Jodhpur 


freedom ... 



Next destination ... Jaisalmer.


Camel safari .. Jaisalmer


Off-road driving in thar desert : Jaisalmer ,  Took almost  extra 300-400 KMS to see complete sand.


Pokaran : This is place/region where India tested its Nuclear bomb test conducted. First in 1974 with mission name "Smiling Buddha" and Second time in 1998 with mission name "Shakthi" 

What to say !!!, One more surprise for us.  We got mineral ice water in Thar desert for Rs 10.  Surprised that why in cities 50% more we are paying.

Indian Spicy Masala 

Punjab land of 5 rivers, Fertile land, tandoor roti and Dal makhani, rajma, curd and Lassi

 Day 5:

Harmandir Sahib : also known as the "Golden Temple"


Mere desh ki dharti sona ugle ugle heere moti mere desh ki dharti

Jallianwala Bagh massacre : 1000+ non-violent protesters died on April 13,1919. This was was a seminal event which leading to Non-cooperation Movement 

shahidi kua, about 120 bodies recovered from this well during Jallianwala Bagh massacre

Only 24 KMS Lahore, Pakistan.. 

My Love My India


Day 6:

Day :7 

Clear Sky: This was one of the great moment. So many star !!!. In polluted cities we miss so many things which nature has given


freezing cold water, took bath here, Awesome experience   

Brown,Gray,White and Blue

You can expect many more drives like above.

Next time I want to travel on top of the bus to get real feel of the Ladak region 

straight drive..

Hot momos.. you should try atleast once locally prepared momos  

Magnetic hill 

You have arrived at your destination, Leh (Ladak) 

Tricolour national flag of India


Leh view from fort

one side view Leh city from fort. It  look like soooo green. 

Other side view form leh fort. Leh just just looks like city inside desert 

Camping in almost freezing temperature

Highest motorable road in the world !!!

Road intersection, No traffic signal :) :):)

White sand :)

Peak range above 5000 mtrs

Crystal clear Blue water. 

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