Do you know 1, 2, 3 of trekking ?

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DO YOU KNOW 1, 2, 3 ?
Few years back I visited Mullayanagiri peak, Kodachadri peak and Kumara Parvatha Peak. It was so clean so calm. Recently when I visited same places again then I got shocked by seeing non-degradable waste which we dumped in these places.
Me ? You ? Forest department ?   I guess its Every one !!!
After seeing plastics in those places I felt like "shutting down my website".  Forest people  stopped many treks for the same reason. Ex : Tadiandamol camping at peak allowed previously but now its banned and forest people are thinking to ban many more treks because creating noise and dumping plastic in those places.
In my experience I have seen 20:60:20 distributions. 
I trekked with many people in which 
20% of people with whom I trekked were very responsible trekkers. I admire those people, I learnt from them how to respect Nature. They don't pollute nature. They wont throw any plastic and they Educate others.
60% of people with I trekked were "people who dont know what they are doing". They are very easy going people and if some one say not to throw plastic then they dont
20% people are irresponsible trekkers !!!!. You tell them 10 time then 11th time they throw plastic again. they make noise.
DO YOU KNOW 1, 2, 3 ?
It is impossible for  forest department people clean it. Its mine and your duty to clean it. How we can do it ? We can adopt 1,2,3 rule to cleanup:
:  You don't throw any single(1) plastic during your trek. Attach one garbage cover to your bagpack and put all your plastic into your garbage cover. Just dispose garbage cover after your trek at the base camp/station.
2 : You bring back atleast 2 plastic which you come across during your trek.
3 : You educate alteast 3 people in every trek about 1,2,3. Ask other person carry on 1,2,3
Whenever you go for next trek and before starting your trek Just ask do you know 1,2,3 ?  If he/she says no then educate him/her about 1,2,3
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