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Things to Carry
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Things to Carry:

Listing out "Things to carry" is always challenging task because if we carry any thing more things then it will be dead weight. If we carry less things then who knows if we require that in critical time. "Things to carry"  depends on few parameters like 1) Duration of the trek 2) Season in which you are trekking 3) Camping

  •  Good bag-pack: Carry back bag pack. avoid any hand bags.
  •  shoes: Sport shoes with good grip.  extra pair of socks.  Girls strictly avoid heeled sandals. 
  • Cloths: Avoid jeans. Carry light track pant and light T-shirts.
  • food: Carry dry chapati or MTR food items.
  • Water bottles: Based on availability decide how much water you need for trek  
  • Torch: Led torch with new batteries  
  • Soft Drinks ?? : No don't carry and soft drinks. But you can carry fruit juice tetra packs like apple juice and orange juice
  • Chocolates: carry chocolates
  • Glucon-D: Carry glucon-D.. If you feel very much tired then mix in water keep on drinking. After drinking surly you will start running :)
  • First aid kit: This you can buy for group: Crocin, Cotton, Handyplast, Dettol , neospirin, Moov spray



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