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trekking tips :
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Trekking tips:

1) Try to plan treks which are easy one ex: Mullayyanagiri trek, Kodachdri trek, Tadiandamol

2) If you are trekking for the first time then best season to trek will be September to January. Mainly avoid heavy rain and summer.

3) Its always better to go as a group of 4 to 10 people.

4) Read few blogs on trek which you are planning. Understand the trek route, entry point and exit point of your trek

5) Get local guide if available as they will be knowing better information.

6) Carry good bag pack and good shoes. Carry things which are really required. Don't make your bag heavy. 

7) Know the water availability points and carry water accordingly. 

8) While trekking, be in a group. Please don't make noise inside forests. 

9) Dont leave any traces. Don't pollute nature. Bring back all plastic covers.  



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