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About Me
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By passion trekker, traveler and blogger. I like to travel new places, meet new people, experience different weather, taste different food and understand different cultures. Driving is my another hobby. like to do long drive across India.

By profession am software engineer stays in Bangalore. I go for trek generally with small team(team size I prefer is 6 to 10). Whenever I plan for a trek I ask my regular trekmates and also I will send mail to all those who are subscribed in my website. I like to make atleast couple of new friends in each trek and listen their stories and learn from them. Frequency of my trekking varies. Some time in a year I trek 2-3. Some times in a year it will be 8-10 times.

I love trekking because ....

I  experienced feeling of staying above the clouds, diving into "butterflies world", Witnessing those spectacular sunrises and sunsets...heavy wind which weighed me down in mullayanagiri !!! those rains which drenched to me to the fullest !!! experienced difficulties while trekking in summer !!!!  "Near to death" feeling in Gundya forest, exploring routes when Mr.Sun was unavailable !!!  Leeches who were our regular trekmates with enthusiasm !!!  I experienced how tiny particle I am during Yosamite trek.  

All my treks become possible only because of great team which I got. I remember that we planned to go for trekking on one Saturday but I called up my friends at  Friday Midnight and asked can we start now ? all said "yes" !!!  We started from Bangalore at 2 AM :) 

Let me introduce my trek team*

* - with whom I trekked most in last couple of year.

Chethan  C T (Known as CT) : Ready for any trek, any time :). Energetic guy who never say no for any trek. 


Prabhu ( Prabhve :) ) :  Official photographer of our team. Loves doing photography. My trek mate from my first trek !!!! 


Adavappa: Very active and fun loving person. Our trek Organizer  



Guru:  Committed for trekking. silent guy who thinks a lot :) . My trek mate from my first trek !!!! 



Keerthan : Easy going person and ready for any thing .    



it's me.... Kotresh 


 Apart from regular trekkers we got very lovely trek mates . Let me Introduce them in group pics   


Chembrapeak trek


Kudremukh trek team


Dudhsagar trek
Bhudh Barkana trek


 Kodachadri trek team


top station trek

Tadiandamol trek









kudremukh 2016

Want to join with me for trek ?

If yes then please sign up by clicking below link. I will send you mail whenever we plan for a trek.

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